Christian Churches, Para-churches, Christian Organizations and Organizations Associated with Christians in Canada may participate in the tugo TV affiliate program. Subject to the approval of your organization’s application by tugo TV, you will receive a monthly donation for every active subscriber from your organization to the tugo TV services. This is an excellent opportunity to offer your members or anyone you know, access to quality service at a fraction of the cost of the large cable companies. Subscribers are not limited to members of your organization; your subscribers are anyone who uses your affiliate name in the drop-down option during the order process

Affiliates also have the option to set their own pricing of up to $5 above tugo TV’s published retail price for the standalone app and keep 100% of the difference. This only applies to the tugo mobile app and not to the tugo mobile app when packaged with Home Internet/TV bundles. Certain restrictions apply, please speak with our
Director of Sales and Affiliate Relations and review our Affiliate Terms & Conditions if you are interested in learning more about this option.

Affiliates receive a special rate to purchase their own stream* and/or video on demand* channel(s) space on the Tugo in home and mobile app. If you are interested in streaming your own content on Tugo, Tugo will charge you a flat fee per subscriber that orders your content and you are free to set the rate we charge a subscriber to access your content and you keep the difference.