Frequently Asked Questions

tugo TV is a Canadian IPTV service. IPTV uses high speed internet to deliver the television channels you subscribe to through tugo TV.
Internet is part of the tugo TV service because it is a legal requirement of the content providers on tugo TV to deliver content on an internet service we control. We have made arrangements to offer a variety of internet speeds with unlimited usage at some of the most affordable prices available.
While the tugo TV mobile app currently has a selection of faith-based and religious channels, Our tugo TV home bundles are filled with all the channels you know and love from sports, cooking, news, movies, children's programming and much more!
There are other IPTV services operating in Canada, however many of these operators are not legal. They are usually operating from overseas and using streaming feeds and content that they do not have the rights to distribute and are in violation of copyright laws. Many of these companies are now be forced to shut down because of copyright infringement. Subscribers to these services are often left without service and lose money. tugo TV is Canadian owned and is based in Canada and has agreements in place to legally distribute the content available on tugo TV.
Yes, you can cancel anytime. We do not require a commitment longer than one month at a time. When you sign up, you will automatically be billed monthly as a convenience, however you may cancel by calling (905)760-2232 anytime.

tugo TV Home + Internet packages can be used on up to 4 set top boxes per account. Any additional set top boxes/devices will require additional tugo TV subscriptions.

Our in home TV set top box can be connected directly to your modem or you can use it's built in wifi. To use the wifi however, you'll need to connect your own wifi router to the internet modem.
Yes, our mobile app will give you access to Christian streams and video on demand content on your mobile phone and tablet anywhere. At the moment, our regular TV channels are available in home only.