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The Power of Choice

Tugo TV offers the most faith-based channels in one place plus all the premium mainstream channels you want. 

Watch on Roku, Android TV,  Amazon Fire, Apple and
Android devices, and more.

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Enjoy IPTV on the go. No contract. No cancellation fees.
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How tugo TV Works

1. Sign up

Choose your subscription,
then place your order to receive your account activation information via email.

2. Install on your Device

After receiving your account information, follow the instructions to install our App on your device.

3. Start Streaming

Start watching all your premium channels and
more on tugo TV!

Free 7-Day, Full Access Trial

Sign-up to take advantage of a 7-day trial to experience tugo TV before subscribing.

Channels for ALL

Channels for all.


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Useful FAQ's

tugo TV is a streaming app that delivers live TV programming – giving users over 100 HDTV channels, which feature news, sports, entertainment, family, and faith-based programs. Watch tugo TV across all devices – on a phone, tablet, computer or TV.
Your subscription includes two tugo TV activation codes allowing you to use two devices per account. You may purchase two additional device activation codes for a nominal fee for a total of four devices per account.

Yes. All of the channels carried by tugo TV have been legally licensed for distribution by their providers.

Customer Testimonials

This streaming service will bring an immense amount of Christian content all over the world. I’m excited to see where the future of tugo TV goes, and Torch of Christ Ministries, God willing, will be there for the journey ahead. Recommend.
Torch of Christ Ministries
This is a an amazing App! I Can watch Live Tv/VOD at home, connected to my smart Tv or ANYWHERE when im out of the house. I can customize the channels I watch the most so that it's easier when finding something to pass the time. Every channel is CLEAR and the app is VERY RESPONSIVE.
Jahna Lampert
Works amazing !! Great on all my devices. More content than I had hoped for, and very clear no lag .. catching a Sunday service and watching the game while out shopping with the wife has never been so easy !!!!
Shawn Staple