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How it Works

1. Refer your family and friends to subscribe to Tugo TV via

2. After they sign up for the first time, submit a form below with your friend or family member’s email address they used when creating their account. This step must be completed within 30 days of the friend or family member signing up.

3. Once your friend/family becomes an active paying subscriber after any free trial period has ended, we will apply free streaming to your account!

3.1. 1-week free on a monthly subscription sign up

3.2. 1-month free on a yearly subscription sign up


1. You (the “Referrer”) must be an active paying subscriber to quality for the Referral Program. Free streaming periods cannot be applied to subscriptions in-trial.

2. New family/friend signups (“Referred” individuals) are defined as those who have subscribed for the first time.